How You Can Learn Website Coding Free of Cost

Learn Website Coding
To learn website coding is beneficial to you in various ways. Its reason is that by learning website coding, you can do those things that you can’t do without learning website coding. It is helpful for you to create your website. You can start your career as a web developer. You can find and remove errors from your website. You can make money by providing web development services. It helps you to bring and implement new ideas in web development. If you want to learn website coding, you will have to spend enough money. Anyhow, there are some websites which are providing opportunities to the learners to learn website coding free of cost.

Code Academy:

It is one of the most popular and free platforms to learn website coding. This company is providing an engaging experience for the learners to learn website coding. Almost 45 million people have learned coding from this free tool. You just need to join this platform. After joining this platform, you can take part in the required courses. By using this platform, you can learn coding by doing. After creating a specific code, you can get a review of the experts on this code. On this platform, you can also find real-world projects to test your knowledge. You can also find lots of job opportunities on this platform. Therefore, you can also take your career to the next level. The most famous web development courses on this free platform are CSS, HTML and JavaScript.


This website was created in 2012. Nowadays, this essential website is offering more than 1,000 courses to the students. These courses are provided from the experts of 119 institutions. If you want to learn coding from these institutions, you will have to pay for them. On the other hand, if you want to learn these courses on this platform, you don’t need to pay for these courses. Its reason is that these courses are freely available on this website. You can take different courses on this website. First, you can take guided projects. You can take the best coding courses. You can get a specialized degree in coding. You can get a professional certificate for website coding. You can also get the master track certificate form this website. Along with website coding, you can also take other courses on this platform.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, this website is providing an open-source and free platform for the learners to learn website coding. This website was also started in 2012. This is the project of MIT and Harvard University. Therefore, you can learn website coding by using cutting-edge technologies and theories. Nowadays, almost 2500 different courses are available on this website. These courses are developed by the experts of 250 institutions. You just need to create an account on this platform. After creating an account, you should try to take part in your desired program. If you are not finding the required course on this platform, you can type it in the search bar. Along with website coding, this website is also offering some other courses for the students. It means that it is the perfect platform to learn all the necessary skills. By taking courses from this website, you can start your professional career.


This website started to provide free online courses to the students in 2010. The main aim of this platform is to provide such courses to the students which will be helpful for them to acquire the best job opportunities. That’s why this website is also providing website coding courses to the students. By learning website coding, the students can easily acquire the best job opportunities. They can also start their career as a freelancer. Its reason is that lots of people require website developers to develop websites. You will find plenty of video courses to learn website coding on this free platform. If you want to learn these courses from an institution, you will have to pay enough money. On this platform, you can take courses about the designing of websites. You can also take courses about the development of the website. You can also take courses about the marketing of the websites.

Khan Academy:

This free platform was started in 2006. The creator of this platform is Salman Khan and he is an educator. It is known as one of the most famous and original free resources to take online courses. On this platform, you can also take website coding courses. These courses are available in the form of videos. In these videos, you will learn website coding by taking step-by-step tutorials. If you don’t have enough idea about coding, you must take ‘Hour of Code’ on this platform. With the help of this course, they are trying to teach basics about the coding. After taking this course, you will also be motivated to learn website coding. Its reason is that most of the students don’t learn website coding because they think that it is hard to learn website coding. To take website coding courses on this platform, you will have to create an account on this website.

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Code Avengers:

It is a New Zealand based free website coding learning website. It is providing an interactive and interesting resource for learners to learn website coding. They have developed special courses for the kids to learn website coding. They have also developed some specific courses for the teachers. By taking these courses, teachers can prepare themselves to teach coding to their students. If you want to take professional website coding courses on this website, you can also use this platform.

For this reason, you will have to apply for the website coding courses of more than 17 years of students. On this platform, you can take lots of courses like C++, JavaScript, HTML and Python etc. After taking these courses, this platform also allows the learners to practically apply their knowledge. As a result, they can get reviews of the experts. To learn website coding, you will have to become more self-confident. Its reason is that due to the lack of confidence, you can’t apply your knowledge properly.

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